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A successful sale starts with the right representative. This should be someone who is informed, and who can educate & guide you through the real estate process. They need to understand your real estate goals, AND the current market. Lastly, they need to be competent and be able to maximize the marketing opportunities on your listing.

Mortgage Specialist

Mortgage brokers are not the same as banks - do you know the difference? Having the right broker can be extremely important - it is your money we're talking about after all! As a seller, you may need interim financing, information on porting a mortgage, paying out an old mortgage, or applying for a new one. A good lender will be able to review your individual situation, and will be able to properly educate you on your options, and what will be in your best interest.

Home Inspector

Although not too common at the moment, some sellers are opting to hire an inspector to conduct a property inspection on their own property prior to selling. This is to make them aware of any potential issues, so they can decide whether or not to rectify them before listing the property.

Real Estate Lawyer

Meeting with the lawyer is virtually the final step in selling your home. Don't try and have an Accident and Claims lawyer try to handle the sale of your home. Be sure to work with a lawyer who is willing to take the time to answer your questions and who specializes in real estate law.


Staging your home is a huge part of selling your home! It has been proven that staged homes sell faster and for more money. There are professional staging companies in Calgary, and sometimes it is worth hiring them to come into your home, and provide you a little extra help. If hiring a stager is not an option for you, keep in mind there are many things you can do yourself without spending a penny - just ask us!

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