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Mortgage Specialist

Dave Alberda is one of a kind! We've had the pleasure of working with Dave for a number of years and he consistently goes above and beyond what others in his field do. Not only is Dave up to date with the current mortgage options and programs, he is also a wonderful resource and helps to keep things clear and understandable in an otherwise very confusing field. We can always count on Dave to work diligently towards a positive outcome, to assist our clients with anything mortgage related, and to answer our questions in timely fashion. It is obvious that he not only loves his work, but he really cares for our clients and wants to help make their dreams a reality.

Home Inspectors - Condo Doc Review Companies - Real Estate Lawyers

Not sure where to start? There are many great Home Inspectors, Condo Doc ReviewCompanies, and Real Estate Lawyers in Calgary! If you'd like some suggestions of where to start, just let us know, we'd be happy to pass along a few names!


As far as brokerages go - the CIR team is by far one of the best in Calgary! They have been around for many years, and are currently the largest brokerage in Calgary. They also have contacts all over the world and have a unique way of marketing luxurious homes. The office team is dedicated to watching over your deal just as closely as we are!

How We Choose Team Members

Everyone we choose to work with has met or exceeded our high expectations. There are no 'kickbacks' or 'favours'. We all have a similar work ethic and everyone is solely focused on the best interests of our clients. Regular business hours don't apply to our team members, which means that when we need to get ahold of them - they're available. Simply put - we use them because they're great and we can trust them. You are welcome to use our team, however be aware that you are able to use anyone that you wish - it doesn't have to be the above people!  

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Tania King & Tina Hansen

Phone: Tania: 403-813-4448 / Tina: 403-891-9142

Fax: 403-592-6998


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168, 8060 Silver Springs Blvd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 5K1 

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