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Your agent should always have your best interests in mind - so make sure you interview them to ensure they'll be a good fit with you. Do they work full time or part time? Will they be available when you need them? What type of real estate do they specialize in? You need to be able to rely on and trust your agent, after all, they'll be helping you with one of the largest purchases you'll make.

Mortgage Specialist

Mortgage brokers are not the same as banks. Do you know the difference? Having the right broker can be extremely important - it is your hard earned money we're talking about after all! Make sure that your financial representative is someone you feel comfortable with, and be wary of anyone who promises you more than you think you can reasonably afford. A good broker will review your situation, and will properly educate you on your options and what will be in your best interests.

Home Inspector

No home inspection is 100% guaranteed, but a few hundred dollars to catch a major problem now, is certainly better than many thousands to correct that surprise down the road! Not all inspectors are equal, and just because they are licensed (as of Oct 2011 in AB), doesn't mean that they know what they are doing. (Everyone who was in the industry before October 2011 was grandfathered in, now they have a license to give you inadequate advice -scary!) Ask your agent for a recommendation!

Condo Document Review Company

Do you really need a company to review the condo documents for you? YES! We feel that they're well worth the money! Would you ever buy into a business WITHOUT reviewing the books? Of course not! A condo is not much different. You need to make sure that the budget is on track, that the reserve fund holds enough money, that the meetings are being run properly, that owner's concerns are being taken care of, etc. Your agent will be able to assist you in providing a recommendation.


Your home purchase is far too important a transaction to skimp on legal representation at the risk of leaving yourself open to costly future issues. Find a lawyer who is willing to take the time to answer your questions and who specializes in real estate law.

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