September 2017

What's New? 

Tina:  September has been all about learning - doing mandatory real estate courses, watching webinars, attending seminars, AND...YouTube recently ditched their editing program - so I had to learn a new video editing program. Oh and my basement leaked. We discovered 2 cracks, one teeny tiny and active, and one huge and non active. Also found some honeycombing - because why not at this point. The cracks are drilled and filled and the honeycombing wall was stitched back together with carbon fiber - which is supposed to be phenomenally strong and last longer than my house will...so yay? 

Tania:  LOOK WHAT I GOT! One of our lovely lovely clients surprised us with this gift package of coffee from Hawaii! I was so giddy that Tina took a picture of me in the elevator when we left. I seriously love my job. :)   And I REALLY love the macadamia coffee!  Mmm...