August 2017

What's New? 

Tina:  I'm on my way to Twin Lakes, Idaho! Here's a view from the cabin we stay at. We didn't have paddle boards the last time we went (although we rented some from Coeur D'Alene), so I expect we're going to be getting some serious paddle time in this trip. We didn't spend any time really in Coeur D'Alene the last time we were here - any recommendations for things to do or places to eat?

Tania:  Why is it almost back to school time? I'd like the summer to last longer please. I did get a nice growing season out of my tomato plants and raspberry bushes though, so that's great. We built 3 above ground planter boxes for my backyard this year (see 'before' planting photo) and I couldn't be happier about it - looking forward to growing more next year!