April 2017

It's Cookie Month!

Tania and Tina are proud to announce our 4th year of supporting the Girl Guides of Canada through Girl Guide Cookies!

The History:  Girl Guides of Canada started in 1910, providing leadership and mentoring for girls across Canada through fun, adventures, international experiences, and community volunteering. Tania has a looong history with Girl Guides!

The Story:  We both think this is a fantastic group for girls to belong to. This is our way to support the Girl Guides, AND to thank our awesome clients! We have donated $5 on behalf of you to the Girl Guides of Canada - and now we have boxes and boxes of Girl Guide Cookies to give away.  

The Details:  We can deliver your complimentary box of cookies to your home or office - let us know what works best.

The Catch:  No catch!  We pay.  You eat.  Simple as that.  :)

Drop offs will be in the next few weeks, so let us know if you prefer a box of Vanilla & Chocolate Biscuit, or Chocolate Mint. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tania & Tina