February 2017

What's New? 
Tina:  Has anyone been out to Carrington or Livingston - two new communities in the north near Evanston? (One day, a long long time from now, the Green Line is supposed to go to these two communities.) Carrington will be getting a bit more buzz as the year goes on as it will also be the home of the Stampede Lottery house this year. Tania and I recently stopped in to check things out and we were pretty surprised to hear that most builders are already sold out of Phase 1! I'll be keeping my eye on these communities.

Tania:  I went skiing a few weekends ago - but bailed on skiing and ended up going to Johnston Canyon near Banff instead. Have you ever gone in the winter??  It's gorgeous! Also, we have an awesome new listing, check it out and pass it along!   https://goo.gl/zV1cd1

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