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What's New? 
Tina:  Christmas and New Years were super lovely, our parents and younger sister Tammy came to Calgary for visits so Tania was busy entertaining for a few weeks. After a quick trip to Mexico for me, we're back to work and getting ready for a busy spring. :)
Tania:  Welcome to Best My Nest! Best My Nest is an exclusive CIR Realty program which gives you special discounts to a vast network of Calgary businesses. Doing sod this year? Renos? Thinking about getting an alarm system? On your Home Anniversary, we will sign you up and cover the sign up fee - all you need to do enjoy the perks. :)  www.bestmynest.com
Market Update:  
CREB has held it's Annual CREB Forecast and the numbers are looking better than 2015 and 2016. This year, we can expect a slight increase in prices (0.3%) and market activity due to slowly improving oil prices and a more stable economy. Condos will see a slight decline this year, so it might be 2018 before we see some improvement in that area.

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