August 2016

What's New? 
Tina:  Zombie Survivor  I'M ALIVE! See photo for evidence. (ok technically the zombies got me, hence the black medal instead of the white medal) Everyone please remind me next year when Tania's daughters call me up and say 'Hey Auntie, I was wondering....' - I should just hang up immediately. For the record, it was truly awful. Mud, Zombies (who run abnormally fast), more mud, etc. However, I did come out of it injury free which cannot be said for Tania's daughter who's preferred method of escape was bush whacking vs running.

Tania:  I have been very busy this last month - I moved away! Not to worry, not too far, we built a home in Nolan Hill and just moved in. Of course Tina has been a big part of the build (she's very opinionated), but of course I am extremely grateful to have had her help. We love our home, and having gone through the building process - we're even BETTER equipped to help other new clients who are considering building! 
Market Update:  
July turned out to be very busy for us and we were the #7 partnership team within CIR! August has been normal, and we're looking forward to a busy September. Over all our market is stable with no dramatic changes.

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