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If running from zombies, terrified out of your mind, while scaling walls and swimming through pools (of goodness knows what) sounds like a good time to you, then perhaps you should sign up for Cochrane's  Zombie Survivor on July 23rd!  Tania's daughter asked me to be a 'survivor' with her, and for some unknown reason I agreed to it. Safety in numbers? Anyone? Anyone at all? #totallygonnatwistmyankleorhaveaheartattack
Market Update:  
If homes are priced right, properties are flying off the shelves right now! We had a listing go up at 7am and had an offer on it at 2pm. Typically we're seeing pretty decent movement in the below 500K market, with things being a bit slower in those higher price points.  

CIR's Best My Nest
Best My Nest by CIR REALTY is a program exclusive to our clients (not the general public) that focuses on connecting you to the people, services and ideas in your community that make living your best life in your home possible. With discounts available at over 70 local Calgary companies - start your search here!  By creating valuable partnerships with local businesses who offer home products, or home related services, we have put together a vast network of vendors who all offer special discounts and service add-ons specifically for CIR clients! In addition to special cost savings, CIR REALTY, in conjunction with our Best My Nest vendors, are also committed to practical, fun and educational “house hacks” through our blog and monthly newsletter. We will also be hosting members only, hands on workshops, seminars and events to increase your DIY (do it yourself) abilities!  Interested in signing up?  Let us know!

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