From Tina & Tania...

March is here & so is...CIR's Win A Trip To Disneyland!!  See below for details.  :)
Market Stuff:  The market is cooling off, but based on the buyers/sellers we're working with - we wouldn't call it slow.  There are a lot of listings on the market at the moment which means that sellers need to be very strategic about pricing in order to entice the buyers that are out there.  With a large selection available, we find our buyers don't feel the need to rush into things.  Rest assured - the market is still trucking along!
Calgary Stuff:  Tania and I and the husbands are headed to Stage West in a couple of days - fun!  I find they're consistently awesome - great shows & great food, looking forward to "...And Then, the Lights Went Out"  
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