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So August has snuck up on us already...I like to think of it NOT that summer is half over, but that the rainy bit and the windy and cloudy bits are over, and now it's sunny hot days ahead!  :)  My own personal goal this summer is to try Stand Up Paddle boarding...any recommendations on rentals/how to's/where to's?? (oh and also, I bought an amazing lawn/camping chair at www.strongbackchair.com.  Pricy but SOOO comfy!!)

Market Stuff:  The market continues to ever so slightly slow down, but keep in mind that 'slow down' and 'still crazy competitive out there' basically mean the same thing.  That being said - there are not AS many multiple offers on places, and our buyers are indeed finding places to buy!

Calgary Stuff:  August Events around Calgary: (click for more info)  What is summer without events galore?  Get out and enjoy!

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