November 2017

(November 01, 2017)

What's New? 

Tina & Tania:  
November's housing market hasn't changed much from October - easing sales, rising inventories and downward price pressure. While economic activity has improved in 2017, it will take some time for this to translate into housing market growth. Despite the cooling market, some areas are still hot! Here's a map of average days on market in the north half of the city. If you're... read more.

September 2017

(September 01, 2017)

What's New? 

Tina: September has been all about learning - doing mandatory real estate courses, watching webinars, attending seminars, AND...YouTube recently ditched their editing program - so I had to learn a new video editing program. Oh and my basement leaked. We discovered 2 cracks, one teeny tiny and active, and one huge and non active. Also found some honeycombing - because why not at this poi... read more.

August 2017

(August 01, 2017)

What's New? 

Tina: I'm on my way to Twin Lakes, Idaho! Here's a view from the cabin we stay at. We didn't have paddle boards the last time we went (although we rented some from Coeur D'Alene), so I expect we're going to be getting some serious paddle time in this trip. We didn't spend any time really in Coeur D'Alene the last time we were here - any recommendations for things to do or places to eat... read more.

July 2017

(July 01, 2017)

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What's New?

Tina: Paul, Joe and I went for a walk last weekend at Upper Kananaskis Lake. Haven't done this hike in years and I'm sooo glad we went! I'm sure Paul was mildly annoyed by the end of the hike, after hearing 16km of 'Oh my goodness this is so pretty. Wow isn't this pretty? Let's just stop here a moment - it's so pretty! IT'S JUST SO PRETTY!'. The mounta... read more.

June 2017

(June 01, 2017)

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Summer time = picnic time! 

You're invited to our Annual CIR Family Picnic, on Wednesday August 16th at the Calgary Corn Maze from 12:30-4:30pm! Your complimentary ticket includes a hamburger BBQ (vegetarian options will also be provided) that will be served in CIR's large private tent with ample seating for everyone. The BBQ runs from 12:45 and 2pm, and should you... read more.