April 2017

(April 01, 2017)

It's Cookie Month!

Tania and Tina are proud to announce our 4th year of supporting the Girl Guides of Canada through Girl Guide Cookies!

The History:  Girl Guides of Canada started in 1910, providing leadership and mentoring for girls across Canada through fun, adventures, international experiences, and community volunteering. Tania has a looong history with Girl Guides!

The Story: We both think this... read more.

March 2017

(March 01, 2017)

What's New?  

Tina: I was envious about Tania's trip to Johnston Canyon last month, so I went too! It was icy icy icy, but because Tania had warned me, we brought our super stabby ice cleats (Kahtoola Microspikes - from MEC of course) and we walked up the trail like it was a nice summer's day. It's sooo pretty right now - I highly recommend it if you can get out in the next few weeks before it all m... read more.

February 2017

(February 01, 2017)

What's New? 
Tina: Has anyone been out to Carrington or Livingston - two new communities in the north near Evanston? (One day, a long long time from now, the Green Line is supposed to go to these two communities.) Carrington will be getting a bit more buzz as the year goes on as it will also be the home of the Stampede Lottery house this year. Tania and I recently stopped in to check things out an... read more.

January 2017

(January 01, 2017)

What's New? 

Tina:  Christmas and New Years were super lovely, our parents and younger sister Tammy came to Calgary for visits so Tania was busy entertaining for a few weeks. After a quick trip to Mexico for me, we're back to work and getting ready for a busy spring. :)
Tania: Welcome to Best My Nest! Best My Nest is an exclusive CIR Realty program which gives you special discounts to a vast network... read more.

November 2016

(November 01, 2016)

What's New? 
Tina: Joe and I went trick or treating in Airdrie!  I my giraffe pajamas were too cute to not share with the world, and Halloween was the perfect opportunity.  :) 
Tania: I used to volunteer with Girl Guides, but that came to an end this year after a 7 year stretch. I have decided in lieu of Girl Guides on Monday nights - Monday nights are now Family Night! In October our Mondays consisted... read more.