April 2017

(April 01, 2017)

It's Cookie Month!

Tania and Tina are proud to announce our 4th year of supporting the Girl Guides of Canada through Girl Guide Cookies!

The History:  Girl Guides of Canada started in 1910, providing leadership and mentoring for girls across Canada through fun, adventures, international experiences, and community volunteering. Tania has a looong history with Girl Guides!

The Story:  We both think this is a fantastic group for girls to belong to. This is our way to support the Girl Guides, AND to thank our awesome clients! We have donated $5 on behalf of you to the Girl Guides of Canada - and now we have boxes and boxes of Girl Guide Cookies to give away.  

The Details:  We can deliver your complimentary box of cookies to your home or office - let us know what works best.

The Catch:  No catch!  We pay.  You eat.  Simple as that.  :)

Drop offs will be in the next few weeks, so let us know if you prefer a box of Vanilla & Chocolate Biscuit, or Chocolate Mint. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tania & Tina